Welcome to Fancy a Cuppa?

Fancy a Cuppa? brings you great places for afternoon tea, good cappuccino and wonderful cakes or pastries. But when we step inside a coffee house or embark on a tea room review, we're as interested in the people and the places involved as we are in the quality of the cream tea or the espresso. We've been known to walk into a tea shop or a cafe and walk out again in a matter of seconds if the atmosphere does not feel right.

We always seek out independent coffee shops and tea houses because they very often have a good story to tell (and we've even been known to review independent bakers, provided they do serve a cuppa with their cakes!). And it's the stories that we think you'll enjoy reading as you sip on your good espresso or your delicious afternoon tea.

It's what makes Fancy a Cuppa? different from your average coffee guide or tea guide. Sure you'll get a coffee shop review and hear what we think about the tea, coffee and cake on offer. But you'll also learn just a little about the people that run the tea rooms, the history of the building and some snippets on the area, in case you fancy a stroll to walk off your afternoon tea!

To read many of the stories, you'll have to buy the books we have published. The website is limited mainly to the cafe reviews themselves, including our views on the menu, plus practical information for finding the places reviewed. But we're very pleased to give visitors to the site something extra they won't find in the books, and that's our History of Tea, History of Coffee and History of Cake. This is not lengthy prose, as you'll find in some tea guides, but intriguing "did-you-realise?" facts about how tea, coffee and cake first came to us in the western world.