Lambton Park Tea Rooms – near Newcastle NSW


A real treat to find loose leaf tea and scones on offer in these tea rooms in Lambton Park in Newcastle’s west. Period decor inside and a lovely brick building on the edge of the park.

The review of this tea room in Lambton, in the western suburbs of Newcastle, NSW is designed to fit in with our current tour of New South Wales outdoor swimming pools and this tea room was great for a post swim cuppa after a dip in Lambton outdoor Olympic pool in NSW. There’s no book planned for now but a new website So for now take a look at our earlier books…

Crossing Paths, Crossing Borders

This 2016 publication recounts our journey from Yorkshire to Australia via 25 countries. It includes an annex with our 100 top tips for coffee or tea on the road, including this venue.

Read the full description of this book on the books page and if you like what you see you can buy it from there too..






Great quality loose leaf tea served in nice teapot and all the necessary accessories like milk jug and strainer. This is an old-fashioned tea room, attempting to set up the classic 1920s afternoon tea experience for the people of Lambton in the west of Newcastle NSW.

I love it when a tea shop owner in Australia acknowledges that the notion of Devonshire Tea is pretty foreign to Brits, who would usually call the tea and scones with jam and cream that I ordered a ‘cream tea’, but as she said: Australians wouldn’t know what was on the menu if they read the words Cream Tea, so Devonshire Tea it is. They also do excellent cakes by the way.

Funnily enough, all the reviews I have seen of this tea room online mention the coffee rather than the tea, but I’m guessing that is more to do with Australians not (these days) going out for tea so much rather than a reflection of the tea room priorities. But in a reminder of some of the tea rooms we visited in the USA a few years ago, I saw no other men in this tea room on a Friday afternoon, so the gender divide over the merits of tea seems strong here too, though nothing in the feel of the place made it feel overly feminine…


75 Elder Street, Lambton, NSW 2299, Australia

Contact details

Tel: +61 2 4048 0933

Web address

Lambton Park Tea Rooms on Facebook (occasional updates) @LambtonParkTeaRooms

Opening Hours

8.30am – 3.00pm Daily (please correct if this is wrong – I forgot to check opening days!)

Getting there

Head north across the park from Lambton Pool, or better still just stroll up Elder Street and you’ll be in the tea rooms in less than ten minutes. Lots of buses to central Newcastle. The venue only opened in April 2017 so didn’t appear on Google Maps at the time of m visit later in the year…

Google maps

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