Treeo – coffee shop in Sawtell, NSW


This Sawtell café sits in the shade of the big trees on the main street and serves up quality coffee and loose leaf tea. Beautiful village setting in the north of NSW. 

The review of this coffee shop in Sawtell is designed to fit in with our tour of New South Wales outdoor swimming pools and this coffee shop was great for a post swim coffee after a dip in Sawtell ocean pool. There’s no book planned for now but a new website So for now take a look at our earlier books…

Crossing Paths, Crossing Borders

This 2016 publication recounts our journey from Yorkshire to Australia via 25 countries. It includes an annex with our 100 top tips for coffee or tea on the road, including this venue.

Read the full description of this book on the books page and if you like what you see you can buy it from there too..






Coffee shops that are also restaurants don’t always tick my boxes but Treeo in Sawtell is an exception. I love their flexibility on when you can eat what (breakfast all day is a rarity in Australia).

The coffee is top notch, from Will & Co. We happened to be in Sawtell in late afternoon (when most Australian coffee shops are shutting up shop for the day) but 4pm is our tea time, especially after a swim, and it was great to see loose leaf tea and a fine selection of cakes to choose from. This is my kind of coffee shop. 

Loved the story also of the three people who set it up a few years ago. A trio which became Treeo in the café name thanks to the magnificent old trees which stand along the middle of Sawtell’s main street. Good experience all round here.


20 First Avenue, Sawtell, NSW 2452, Australia

Contact details

Tel: +61 417 933107

Web address

Cafe TREEO on Facebook (regular updates)

Opening Hours

6.30am – evening Daily

Getting there

Easy to find this coffee shop in Sawtell along the main street with those big trees which gave the place its name. Right over the road from Sawtell’s cinema.. 

Google maps

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