Stella Maris Tea Rooms – Warrnambool


These vintage tea rooms in Warrnambool are named after the town’s original tea rooms from the 19th century. Quality tea and scones in the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village.

The review of this tea room in Warrnambool is designed to fit in with our tour of vintage buildings in Victoria and this tea room was great for a proper afternoon tea around a visit to the Lady Bay Upper Lighthouse. There’s no book planned for now but a new website for Vintage Victoria is up and running now. Take a look at our earlier books, though…

Crossing Paths, Crossing Borders

This 2016 publication recounts our journey from Yorkshire to Australia via 25 countries. It includes an annex with our 100 top tips for coffee or tea on the road, including this venue.

Read the full description of this book on the books page and if you like what you see you can buy it from there too..






Loose leaf tea here so that’s always a plus. There is an offer of free tea if you just want a tea bag and a pot of hot water, but if you have come onto Fancy a Cuppa to find good tea, I’m sure you won’t be talking up that offer!

Lovely home-made scones with jam and cream went down a treat. I liked the Loch Ard offer of toasted marshmallows, hazelnut spread and jam on sourdough, too, though not sure whether they really ate that on the Loch Ard before it sank? There are other things to eat, and they are focusing more on lunch than afternoon tea, really, but for us at Fancy a Cuppa, this was good enough and a great place for tea in Warrnambool.

Named after the original tea rooms in Warrnambool in the 19th century, Stella Maris. 


Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village, 89 Merri Street, Warrnambool, VIC 3280, Australia

Contact details


Web address

No separate web presence for the tea rooms. They are part of the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village, but the website for the Village scarcely mentions the tea rooms…

Opening Hours

11.00am – 2.30pm on any day the Maritime Village complex is open

Getting there

The tea rooms are down the cobbled street inside the Maritime Village complex, on the right hand side as you walk down the slope. 

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