Did Dr Who try our favourite places for coffee and tea in Brecon?

Brecon must be one of the prettiest places we’ve been to on this cathedral tour. But could we find the coffee and tea to match?

After trying a couple of the places for coffee in Brecon, we actually plumped for Gegin Fach, which is based right in the middle of the small market arcade in town.

Arcade with Gegin Fach cafe in Brecon

The coffee, roasted by VerdeCoffee.com, was not bad, and the cakes very generous in their proportions.

Coffee and cake at Gegin Fach cafe in Brecon

But above all, this place gets our vote because of its friendly atmosphere and its overall aim, which is to give employment opportunities to local people with learning difficulties.

It’s not often that Fancy a Cuppa? gets a chance to support social enterprises, but we’re happy to put forward these guys for our coffee in Brecon recommendation.

The Cathedral in Brecon celebrated 900 years recently and they have a lovely tapestry there with a design marking a key event in each of the nine centuries since it was built. Dr Who’s visit to the place is not recognised there, but you can see his signature in a display cabinet showing the visitors book from the time The Tardis dropped by here…

Brecon Cathedral

And for tea, after touring the Cathedral, you could do a lot worse than to pop over the cathedral close to Pilgrims Tea Rooms. We didn’t get to meet owner Janet, who has been in the catering and service industries round here for some 40 years, but everyone we met spoke highly of her and of her baking talents.

Pilgrims Tea Rooms by the Cathedral in Brecon

Quite a range of cakes on offer, too, including the rather exotic sounding Murrumbidgee Cake, named after one of Australia’s largest rivers, though we don’t think Janet went over there to find the recipe…

Tea is just in tea bags, but a good enough pot and here it’s the cakes and atmosphere that got our vote.

Tea and cake at Pilgrims Tea Rooms in Brecon

Pilgrims has a white board hanging over the bar with signatures from lots of local people who wanted to mark that 900th anniversary of the Cathedral. The signatories included a certain ‘Charles’…well, he is Prince of Wales, after all…

Video: Did Dr Who try our favourite places for coffee and tea in Brecon?


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