How Much Should Good Tea Cost – Dispelling The Myths

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Did you ever think about where the tag price of tea comes from? In the realm of loose leaf tea, there are numerous moving pieces that meet up to push that cost up and down. Everything begins at the ranch from tea producers, going on through packaging, supplying, delivering, warehousing and supporting the construction of the business that sells the final product. Each tea uses a marginally unique approach to obtain the leaves from the field to your cup of tea, each version changes the value you pay and characteristics of the tea you drink.

No matter what procedures are adopted to take tea from field to cup, you as a purchaser have the right to be aware of the whole story to comprehend the final cost you pay.

This article details the tea cost and the ways to calculate tea pricing per cup.

Most people carry out investigations about the quality of loose leaf tea since they see it costly compared to standard tea bags and blends available in tins. They overlook the fact that a high quality Ceylon or black tea that sells for $50 per pound is exactly the same as a general package of 15 branded English breakfast teas that sell at $ 4.29. The expense is the same for both the teas which is 24 pennies or 24 cents for each cup.

Whole leaf tea is definitely more affordable than it is supposed to be. High quality tea bags are more cost effective than they are. Loose leaf choices are far less expensive than most tea blends available in tins. What’s more, in particular, a lot of the costly gourmet teas are strangely less expensive than those valued lower.

Basic Figures Or statistics To Keep In Mind

Well, what are the factors that change the quality or cost of tea is the units in which tea is retailed.  Price per cup is the main base of comparison. There are two essential figures you need to keep in mind.

 1. Tea bags

2. Loose leaf teas

Tea bags

The expense per cup is exactly equivalent to the expense per bag. This is not evident all the time as tea bags are available in numerous varieties like 15, 18, 20 or 24. However, more common by best appraised brands is 20 cents. However, high quality vivant packages provide better and healthier leaf compared to low end fannings and residues. In addition, these complex fruits and flowering ingredients offers more permeable stream. So, in general, most of the tea bags cost 20-40 pennies.

Loose Leaf Tea

About 80% of good quality tea cost 25-40 pennies per cup, while premium quality tea cost 50 cents per cup.

Relative Units

 The relative cost figures are altered by multiple units in which tea is sold, which so frequently make the unit cost look threateningly high and tea bags relatively misleadingly low. Tea is valued in various units like per ounce, per pound or in grams.

All inclusive, about 12 cups are made from one ounce of whole leaf, while 180-200 from a pound.

When it comes to grams, 100 grams of free teas or tins yields 40 cups, and 125 grams of teas result in 50 cups.

 Calculating The Cost Of Tea

In order to calculate the cost of tea, you need to understand the serving size of the cup and how many cups of tea can be made with a pound.

Tea is commonly served in 6oz cups and secondly you should know how much tea should be used in a 6 oz. of cup. It is suggested to use 2.5 grams of tea in a cup serving 6 oz. You can use your own serving size of cup like 3-4 ounces.

Assuming that you drink four cups of tea per day and 30 per week, it would be 1500 cups annually. Here are the relative expenditures including more extensive scope of choices around two primary ones of branded tea bags and whole leaf tea.

  • Economical tea bags £100
  • Branded quality tea bags costs £250
  • Tea blends in tins £250
  • Artisan whole leaf tea £300
  • Artisan loose leaf good quality £350
  • Posh tins with fancy name and design £500
  • Gourmet tea bags with better leaf £500
  • Artisan leaf premium quality £600
  • Rare teas £800-£2,000

These are estimated annual pricing of tea when you consume 4 cups a day with a serving of 3-4 Oz cups of tea.

Teas Provide Multiple Infusion

The good quality teas offer a huge variety of infusions, generally relying on the size of the leaf. Little leaf teas like tea bags are great for a solitary cup because they liberate the flavor rapidly. Pu-erh, white, oolong and green leafs retain their flavor and aroma in such a way that additional infusions are inconspicuously smooth and profound. As a rule, white or oolong tea will hold up to not less than two rebrewing and pu-erh to fifteen.

Assuming that you drink a medium number of cups, probably 4 cups per day in a routine, at the end of the year you will pay £80 more if you are intended to purchase loose leaf tea than to go for the store stuff. In case you add some unique teas that will cost £150 more than for Earl gray and similar to flavored greens.

If you are looking for extraordinary teas, put a figure on paying 40-60 pennies. For example, astounding Darjeeling, Nepalese black tea, best Assam, China Keemun Mao Feng black congous, China greens are all unique teas. However, rare top teas like Adam’s peak, Castleton Moonlight white and Big Red Robe when consumed without rebrew come out with £1-2 extra per cup of tea.

Packaging of tea leaves somehow affects the pricing and cost of tea. This is particularly the situation with fancy and delightful tin of blends with different names like Royal, Downton Abbey or imperial. They cost more than £20 for each four ounces.

Bottom Line

Cost of tea or tea pricing is influenced by tea variety, type blend or packaging. To estimate the tea cost, it is also necessary to know about serving size per cup and amount of tea used in a cup. Some of the good quality whole tea come with a cost of £100 per year but if you consume some unique teas it adds an extra £150 with the standard whole leaf tea price.

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